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Full Volume 7: July 2023

“Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.” -Stephen Hawking

The world around us continues to define a new “normal” breaking free from isolation but still colored by covid, and the transitions that are always part of life in academia also continue. After his multiple years of able leadership, this year faculty advisor Scott Weir moved on to his next adventure and QUEST found itself at a crossroads. But the amazing research students are doing does not stop and we could not let QUEST die. So, as we worked this year to transition QUEST into a more sustainable, student-led model, we also continued the work of soliciting and preparing student work for publication. We are proud to present this 7th volume celebrating student resilience and, we hope, the resilience of this project as an outlet for displaying the excellence we see every day in our students.

Thank you to our anonymous reviewer for helping us maintain the integrity of the scientific peer review process and ensure that the paper found here is of the highest quality. Thank you to the students in the Queens University writing center who provided feedback on the article itself throughout its development and especially to Megan Biesecker for the final proofread. Last but far from least, thank you to our colleagues Jennifer Daniel (English) and Jeff Thomas (Biology) for agreeing to pick up this QUEST torch with us and carry it forward.

Finally, a word to student author Cerys Lee. Thank you for trusting your work to us and for your dedication to prepare it for publication. We know this is only the beginning of great things for you, and we are so proud.

QUEST lives!

Tommy DeRossett & Jennifer Samson

Psychology Department – Queens University of Charlotte

Quest Journal Volume 7 July 2023
Download PDF • 739KB

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