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Queens undergraduate students are eligible to submit papers up to a year after their graduation. Papers with authors outside of Queens will need to contact Students will need to have a faculty mentor as part of their submission. Students are able to submit up to two papers. Papers already submitted in other journals will not be accepted.  

The Quest Journal accepts original papers of qualitative, quantitative, and rhetorical research. Articles need a clearly identified methodology from which they are working and follow the submission guidelines listed below. Literature reviews that contain meta-analysis with a methodological approach are the only type of reviews that are eligible. 


  • APA Format 7th Edition ​​​

    • ​Citations included

    • Calibri, 12-point font 

    • Double spaced

    • One-inch margins 

    • Page numbers and last name in the top right margin 

  • PDF File Format 

  • Word limit up to 5,000  

  • Graphs, figures, images, and tables must be high-quality files 

  • Emphasized words should be italicized not bolded 

  • No hyperlinks



  • Cover page

    • Page Number

    • Title of Paper

    • Name

    • Department, University Affiliation

    • Class year

    • Faculty Mentor

  • Abstract

    • 250 words or fewer 

    • At least 3 key words 

  • Introduction  

  • Methods *

  • Results/Discussion *

  • Conclusion

  • Acknowledgements

  • References

* These sections in the body of the paper may follow the conventional genre rules for the discipline of the paper. 

All submissions should be the authors original work and produced without the usage of Large Language Model generative AI tools. 

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