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1. What fields of research are accepted for publication in QUEST journal?


All STEM and social science research are

accepted for publication in QUEST This includes, but not limited to:

Biology, Physics, Music Therapy, Political Science,

Psychology, and Chemistry.




2. When will my paper be published?


QUEST will publish on a rolling basis

and published papers will be available on the webpage

titled "Journals".


3. How can I be a part of QUEST Journal?


Currently, only traditional undergraduate students that attend

Queens University of Charlotte may join the editorial board.

If you are interested, express your interest by

reaching out to with

the subject line "Prospective QUEST Officer".

5. Do I have to attend Queens to be published?


No! We've recently opened submissions to many 

undergraduate colleges and universities in 

the surrounding area. Reach out to for more info!

6. What if I already graduated?


That's okay! As long as you did the research

while an undergraduate, you can submit it to QUEST

up to a year after you've graduated. 

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