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Full Volume 6: April 2022

Faculty Advisor Notes

Greetings to all those who quest for scientific knowledge! As the 2021-2022 academic year draws to a close, it feels like there is a great deal to celebrate. While it may be temporary, we rejoice in periods of COVID 19 remission that allows the opportunity for getting together with friends and enjoying outdoor and indoor events. It has been very exciting to see the renewal of research projects on the campus of Queens University of Charlotte. Projects that began during the pandemic are being finished and presented. New projects are just beginning. I look forward to seeing what the next cohort of students will learn in their scientific endeavors and I hope they will share their discoveries with the world. However, these remain challenging times. We continue to work hard and many of us are asked to do more with less. I continue to run the journal in the absence of student leadership. This is not the way I would prefer to handle QUEST, but I am left with little choice, I believe students who wish to publish their research should be supported. The passion and perseverance of students remains a source of inspiration for me.

As always, I would like to thank the anonymous reviewers who make this journal a truly peer-reviewed scientific journal. We could not do this without your time and efforts, your work is greatly appreciated. This volume of the journal would not have been possible without Kaylee Broome who took on the role of Psychology Editor and handled much of the process for this manuscript. Thank you, Kaylee, for stepping in and helping me to navigate a field for which I know very little about. I also want to thank Kayla Tennant for her submission to the journal. You have greatness in you and I know you will continue to make Queens University of Charlotte, myself included, proud for many years to come. Thank you. Regardless of where COVID 19 will go in the future, science will continue and journals, like QUEST, that focus on undergraduate research will always have organizers and volunteers to help in the important work of publishing scientific research. It is needed now more than ever. The QUEST for knowledge continues!

May your QUEST bring you success,

Dr. Scott M. Weir

Faculty Advisor of the QUEST Journal 2017-2022

Quest Journal Volume 6 April 2022
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