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Full Volume 5: January 2022

Faculty Advisor Notes

Greetings to all those who quest for scientific knowledge! Much like 2020, 2021 continued to be a difficult time for students and faculty alike. However, much like last year, science inevitably continues, and students continue to produce important contributions to their scientific fields. Like many aspects of campus life, COVID 19 has greatly impacted student clubs and organizations at Queens University of Charlotte and the QUEST Journal finds itself without student leadership or members. Because we had papers in the process of publication, I did not feel it was appropriate to cancel the journal this year and punish those great students who had persevered in the scientific endeavor because QUEST Journal happens to find itself without student leadership at the moment. I have chosen to therefore take QUEST into receivership until it can be returned to its former glory.

I would like to thank the anonymous reviewers who have made this journal a truly peer-reviewed scientific journal. We could not create this authentic scientific publication without your time and efforts. This year has continued to be a difficult period where many of us are feeling overwhelmed. It gives me great hope whenever anyone takes time out of their day to help take part in the scientific process, especially when there is very little incentive to do so. Thank you again to our volunteer reviewers, your work is greatly appreciated. I also want to thank the authors of the paper contained within this volume: Makhaila, Josc, Irene, and Emma Rose. It would have been easier to coast through your final year at Queens without attempting to submit this paper and go through this process. Your perseverance is commendable, and you inspire me to maintain my own efforts. You were also incredibly patient with me as I went through the process of publishing your article. Thank you. Regardless of where COVID 19 will go in the future, science will continue and as long as students are willing to recognize the importance of disseminating their research, the QUEST Journal will continue to provide an outlet for communicating their research to the scientific community.

May your QUEST bring you success,

Dr. Scott M. Weir

Faculty Advisor of the QUEST Journal 2017-2021


Quest Journal Volume 5 January 2022
Download PDF • 464KB

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