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Full Volume 4: May 2021

Editor-in-Chief Notes

As Co-Editor-in-Chiefs of the QUEST Journal, we are excited to present the newest edition of our publication to our fellow students and educators. This year was difficult for many students, but it did not stop the progression of scientific writing and dedication to the progression of their studies. During a year where the world stopped many students persevered in order to accomplish their goals and continue to gain experience in their studies. For both students and educators, it was an overwhelming time, but the continued dedication to scientific writing prevailed. This past year, even though QUEST was run fully virtually, we were able to receive papers from student attending Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina State University, and Central Piedmont Community College. Due to this dedication, we were able to progress the journal and accept papers throughout the year.

We would like to thank Scott Weir for his continued commitment to QUEST as our faculty advisor. With his mentorship and adaptability, he continued to help us with moving to an online form of the club and without him we would not have been able to achieve the progress that we did. We would also like to thank all the faculty at universities across the southeast who have encouraged their students to submit. Without you we would not have received the submissions to provide this huge accomplishment for these select students. Thank you to the reviewers who continued to agree to read and provide feedback to students. This year caused everyone to have an increased workload, but these individuals continued to take the time to help students. We hope that you continue working with QUEST as others continue to submit their work. Without you QUEST would not be possible, and we are incredibly thankful.

May your QUEST bring you success,

Madison Jayes and Anna Gregg

Co-Editor-in-Chiefs of the QUEST Journal, 2021


Quest Journal Volume 4 May 2021
Download PDF • 1.19MB

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